The goal of the PARC-PH is to provide a valuable resource for individuals interested in the measurement of physical activity and/or physical activity intervention materials by providing them the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.

In order to increase the quality of physical activity efforts in future investigations, the PARC-PH will establish and maintain a broad collection of known physical activity assessment (subjective and objective) tools and intervention materials that have been used and published in the literature. Included in this collection, will be the actual physical activity measures themselves as well as those specific to total energy expenditure, physical fitness, and functional ability. While the PARC-PH will house a physical collection of these materials at our facility, the primary access to the databases will be through a web-based portal. This user-friendly web-based portal will allow for the user to explore the database for physical activity assessment tools (subjective and objective) and intervention materials specific to their population of interest.